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David B. Hadley, son of Thomas and Phoebe Hadley, 1808, wheelwright at Cambridge Mass.

Capt. Peter E. Hadley, born June 10, 1786, died March 29, 1872.

Eliza Hadley, 1819-1896.

B. Franklin Baker, 1845-1868

Margaret Ann Baker, 1847-1868

Hannah Elizabeth Rowe, wife of Geo. Pattee, 1851-1889.

A. Josephine Cochran, 1841-1876

Henry Moore, 1840-1917

George Pattee

Josephine Pattee Carston (sp?)

Peter E. Hadley, 1806-1876

Mary E. Cochran, 1810-1868, wife of Peter E. Hadley

Henry Moore

Geo. P. Hadley, 1846-1934

Geo. P. Hadley, 1811-1885

William Hadley 1st, 1813-1889


Mary Lufkin Woodbury

Janet Cochran, 1773-1863, wife of Peter Cochran

Ann Maria Hadley, 1825-1858

Isaac Boyd, 1806-1868

Mary Esther Tuttle

Chas. C or E Hadley Goffstown, N.H.

Charles C or E Hadley

Sarah M. Boyd, 1843

James Tuttle

Plummer Hadley Jr., born 1771, died 1861

Jane (Cochrane) Crombie (?), wife of Robert Crombie, born Dec. 24, 1800, died 1887

Edwin and Armonia (?)(Dustin) Blaisdell

Geo. P. Hadley 2nd, born Sept 30, 1846

Thomas Wildey, Founder of the Odd Fellowship in America.

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